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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can a camera be installed in office phone booth?
    Yes, do you have a camera of your choice? It would be better if we just use the camera you have selected.
  • Is there a plug in office phone booth? Comes with a power cord?
    We will also configure a 1.5m long power cord for you, or we can configure an appropriate power cord according to your actual length.
  • Is there air conditioner in the acoustic phone booth?
    It is equipped with ventilation system. If an AC in the application scenario, it is generally not necessary to install AC. AC can be installed, we also have a special customized AC (installed on the top of the cabin)is with no drainage, cold and warm dual-use, negative ion air purification, noise reduction function of the all-in-one machine. Conventional AC can also be installed, but a cold pipe hole is reserved in the acoustic phone booth.
  • Can the phone booth be lowered? How much do you charge?
    Yes, but it requires an additional customization fee, and the production is 30 days. Please tell us how much height it needs to be lowered. It is recommended not to be less than 2m.
  • Can the office pods be changed to other colors?
    Yes, we have 8 colors to choose.
  • What if I want to enhance the office pod acoustic insulation?
    Yes, you can change the glass to vacuum glass, which can weaken and attenuate the transmission of sound and enhance the effect.
  • Beside the ventilation system, I am also concerned about whether is well insulated from the cold?
    You can be equipped with AC. It is with no drainage, cold and warm dual use, negative ion air purification, noise reduction functions of the all-in-one machine.
  • What is the ventilation performance of the meeting pods?
    The meeting pods booth is equipped with ventilation fan system, and the ventilation system is relatively silent. Generally, the air can be updated in 2-3 minutes.
  • Is there temperature control in the soundproof office booth?
    The soundproof office booth has a ventilation system, the air will be basically renewed within 3 minutes, and the temperature inside and outside will not be significantly different. If the installation environment does not have AC, it can also be equipped with AC. It is with no drainage, cold and warm dual use, negative ion air purification, noise reduction functions of the all-in-one machine.
  • Does the soundproof office phone booth have a ventilation/switching/power system?
    Ventilation / switches / lights are already configured. Just connect the power supply outside the soundproof office phone booth.
  • Is it possible to make phone calls in soundproof phone booth? Is there a signal?
    You can make call normally. It is only soundproof and will not block the signal.
  • How is the sound insulation performance of the soundproof phone booth?
    Our Soundproof phone booth is soundproof 35dB±5dB.
  • How thick are your acoustic panels in soundproof office meeting booth?
    Our polyester sound-absorbing board in soundproof office meeting booth is 12mm.
  • What material do you use for your soundproof office meeting booths/frame/insulation panel/acoustic panel?
    Our soundproof office meeting booths frame adopts aluminum alloy frame, and the wall is 38mm acoustic composite aluminum honeycomb panel and 2mm polymer sound insulation material and 12mm environmental protection fireproof polyester fiber sound-absorbing board, which is a sound insulation and acoustic technology wall panel composed of 5 layers of high-quality sound insulation materials. The main material of the floor is the same as the wall, composite aluminum honeycomb panel and sound insulation felt and wood board and carpet.
  • What is the delivery time?
    Since everything is customized, delivery time is approximately 60 to 90 days (2 to 3 months).
  • How much is the soundproof office booth customized price?
    Please tell us the specific soundproof office booth color you want, we will calculate the price and give you the quotation.
  • Is the soundproof office booth price of bevel and arc the same?
    The office pods price of bevel and arc is the same.
  • Why is our acoustic phone booth expensive?
    The quality, craftsmanship and effect of our acoustic phone booth are the best. The quality of the raw materials we use is Aluminium alloy for all frame and wall.
  • If I want to customize phone booth colors other than these eight colors, how much will it cost?
    Cost depends on pod size.
  • How much is the price of unconventional colors?
    The unconventional color will change with the size of the pod. Which model do you want to customize?
  • Are the prices of these phone booth's colors the same?
    Regular colors black, white, and gray are sold at normal prices, and the other five unconventional colors require an additional customization fee.
  • Can the meeting pods style be customized?
    Customizing other meeting pod models requires customizing the abrasive tool, which increases the production time and the customization cost is high. Everything can be customized.
  • What office pods styles do you have?
    There are two types of office pods: corner type and arc type.
  • What is the soundproof booth maximum size you can customize?
    At present, the soundproof booth's maximum customizable size is 6m.
  • What is the height of the acoustic phone booth?
    The height is 2302mm, and the height of the wall is higher than 2310mm if it is less than 2310mm, the exhaust fan will be close to the ceiling. In addition, if the space is insufficient, the installation will be more difficult.
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